In recent years, men’s fashion has been striving to capture attention through the use of color, patterns, and style. Now, this trend is making a comeback through the utilization of color palettes by fashion houses. Recent men’s collections have prominently featured a range of earthy tones, including charcoal, chocolate brown, dark brown, and sandy hues from brands like Lemaire, The Row, and Dior.

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The distinctive feature of neutral tones is their year-round versatility, not confined to specific fashion seasons. Moreover, they are not restrictive to a particular style, seamlessly transitioning from elegant to streetwear or sportswear.

Brands like Jacquemus, Cold Laundry, and Fear Of God are incorporating earthy tones into garments such as bomber jackets, tracksuits, and hoodies.

Furthermore, earthy tones extend to both casual and smart casual wear. For instance, Brunello Cucinelli has introduced a sophisticated color palette featuring light gray and beige in a range of products, from suits to sportswear, providing a sense of luxury and comfort.

Wearing neutral colors presents a polished, tidy appearance to others. When paired correctly, these tones can make you look sophisticated and comfortable. It’s a way to make an impression without relying on logos, brands, or vibrant colors. Additionally, neutral tones offer flexibility in outfit coordination, allowing experimentation with beige and other muted colors without fear of clashing. You can elevate your look by incorporating different textures into your clothing.

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Among neutral tones, beige has gained popularity in recent years. If you’re hesitant about seasonal color trends, beige is a safe choice as it remains stylish for years. It serves as a transitional color between brown and white tones, providing exceptional versatility. Beige also imparts a clean, comfortable, and elegant look to the wearer without feeling constricted.

Beige is the perfect choice for Spring and Summer. You can use it as a base tone for your outfits, pairing it with light blue, blush pink, or simply donning a white t-shirt with beige trousers and a blazer.

Under the influence of quiet luxury, neutral tones continue to be widely used in the fashion world. It’s time to add a pair of beige pants or a beige shirt to your wardrobe.

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