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What is a Polo Dress Shirt?

It’s the fusion of the traditional dress shirt collar with the comfort-focused design of modern polo shirts. The result is a polo dress shirt that combines the sophistication of a dress shirt with the comfort of a stretchy polo.

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In some environments, a regular polo may seem too simple and not formal enough to pair with a suit. However, the polo dress shirt is perfect when you want the traditional pointed collar peeking out from under the suit jacket. For someone who wants to stay comfortable all day but needs to wear a tie to the office, this shirt is a game-changer.

Types of Polo Dress Shirts

Semi-Spread Collar Polo Shirt
One of the most versatile and widely worn collar styles, the semi-spread collar is a classic choice for everyday office wear. Slightly shorter and narrower than the English spread collar, it can be worn with or without a tie. It pairs well with a slim-fit modern vest or blazer. Additionally, it can be styled with a round-neck sweater or a zip-up knit for a more contemporary look.

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Button-Down Collar Polo Shirt
The button-down collar is the origin of the modern polo shirt, although contemporary polos no longer feature buttoned collars. Today, button-down collars are suitable for casual styles, often associated with the preppy fashion trend.

Cutaway Collar Polo Shirt
A distinctive collar style, the cutaway collar has a broad collar point, believed to be created by English tailors to accommodate larger tie knots. While originally designed for wide tie knots, it is often paired with half-Windsor knot ties today to highlight the size of the collar.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
For those who prefer the feel of long-sleeved dress shirts or want to remove their jacket at the office while maintaining a professional appearance, long-sleeve polo shirts are a great option. The noteworthy addition is the cuff of the dress shirt, providing a polished look when worn with a blazer or on its own.

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