The world of men’s t-shirts: Diverse styles for you! 

Nowadays, men’s t-shirts are no longer considered boring, as many different designs and styles are available. Let’s explore this topic with Grinds Shop in the following article.
T-shirts are a must-have item, whether for a masculine and sophisticated look or a trendy and dynamic one.
Currently, there are many styles of t-shirts to choose from. Let ELLE Man suggest a list of t-shirts every man should have in his wardrobe.

White t-shirt

The white T-shirt is the most basic item in every man’s wardrobe. It’s simple, can be worn with any outfit, is not restrictive, and is versatile. But do all white T-shirts look the same? The answer is no. A stretch cotton shirt may be suitable as an undershirt, but it may not be appropriate to wear with a blazer.
For the best quality material, look for thick Egyptian cotton or Supima. It will provide a luxurious feeling and can be worn casually or smart casual as desired.

Printed T-shirts for men

T-shirts have long been a garment for creating strong messages through printed images and slogans. Nothing conveys a clear message better than this. On the other hand, graphic prints are also a great way to bring bold color tones and vibrant patterns into streetwear or casual clothing. Geometric patterns are also more flexible due to their uniformity but don’t hesitate to break up a monochromatic outfit with eye-catching printed designs.

Striped t-shirts

The striped t-shirt, or Breton shirt, was originally worn by French sailors to be easily recognized when they fell into the sea. The number of stripes was believed to represent the number of battles won by Napoleon Bonaparte.
Today, the simplicity of horizontal stripes has attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts. It helps to give your outfit more depth.

Pastel-colored T-shirts for men

 T-shirts in pastel tones bring a more modern masculine approach. Unsurprisingly, this color tone is a gentle yet sophisticated addition to your wardrobe.
Although a pastel blue suit may be too much for most men, it becomes a versatile garment when applied to a soft cotton t-shirt. Pastel-colored t-shirts will add a soothing element to summer outfits regardless of your preferred color. You can wear them in casual daily outfits or even smart casual ones.

Logo t-shirts for men

T-shirts with designer logos will create two opposing opinions – like or dislike. Buying high-end fashion items and showing them off is normal, but some people don’t like it. The decision is yours.
Some brands have recently created unique t-shirt designs of their own. It is a more interesting approach that you should consider.

Long-sleeved t-shirts for men

 Long-sleeved t-shirts are great for pairing with chore jackets or blouson jackets.
Typically made from cotton and featuring a classic round neckline, this is an essential garment to add some variety to your outfit.

Vintage T-shirts for men

When sustainability is a top priority, vintage t-shirts are a great way to help reduce the amount of waste clothing. You need to visit a second-hand store to choose a unique T-shirt.
Although the quality of the shirt may not be 100%, these products offer an authentic look that new t-shirts cannot match. Look for old-school logo designs, rock bands, etc.

Black T-shirts for men

 Along with white, black t-shirts are a basic item that easily contrasts your outfit. Be sure to prioritize high-quality fabrics to retain the dye color better. A black silver T-shirt will make your all-black outfit look more.

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