Suggested Outfit Coordination for End-of-Year Festival Celebrations

Coordinate elegant outfits for formal “Black Tie” parties.

Black Tie is one of the typical fashion styles when it comes to sophisticated parties held in the evening, such as weddings, galas, or grand gatherings. Traditionally, the typical attire for a Black Tie party is a meticulously tailored tuxedo, a white dress shirt, black trousers, formal shoes, and, of course, a black bow tie.

As for the jacket lapel, priority should be given to the peak lapel, which has the ability to conceal imperfections on the upper body and create a balanced look for broader shoulders. Besides enhancing the overall authority of the outfit, the peak lapel also adds a touch that makes the body appear taller and well-proportioned. If you want to exude a glossy and stylish vibe, consider a velvet or satin shawl lapel tuxedo.

The peak lapel accentuates the body’s beauty and addresses the shortcomings of slender figures, while the shawl lapel is often favored for grand events.

Black is the traditional color for Black Tie fashion. However, you don’t necessarily have to confine yourself to this common color. Tones ranging from muted to neutral, such as gray, navy blue, or royal blue, can be striking highlights without compromising the formality of a tuxedo.

The image of a sophisticated and elegant gentleman in your outfit will be upgraded or undermined depending on the choice of suitable fabric and well-fitted, comfortable cut. A velvet or silk tuxedo is worth trying if you want to attract more attention.

Add a perfectly tied bow tie, a neatly placed pocket square in the breast pocket, and finish with a pair of classic Oxford shoes or modern slippers, and you’re ready to step into the elegant space of the party with the image of a refined gentleman.

Still formal attire, but with a touch of color.

Unlike the formality and rules of a Black Tie party, end-of-year celebrations such as Christmas parties or year-end parties allow you more flexibility in coordinating suits. A suit with velvet material in neutral colors, belonging to the earth-tone or dark muted group, like gray, beige, brown, navy blue, forest green, or even basic black, will stand out with a stylish velvet texture.

If you’re not interested in plain velvet, you can try corduroy suits. Dark brown or forest green suits complement the winter season without being too rigid or classic.

If suits make you uncomfortable, consider the combination of dress pants and a vest/blazer/sport coat with a shirt in neutral tones such as white, cream, baby blue, or light purple.

If you want a more elegant and youthful look, change the “inner layer” with a turtleneck or a thin knit sweater that matches the outer coat or complementary colors. Loafers and Chelsea boots are suitable shoe styles for end-of-year parties.

Smart-casual – neat, elegant but not too formal for office parties.

Mixing and matching a fashion-forward outfit at an office party can be a bit challenging. You can’t dress too formally or rigidly, but you also don’t want to appear too ordinary as on a regular day at the company. The advice is to choose an unfamiliar item that you haven’t worn much before. For example, if you usually show up at the office in traditional dress shirts, put it aside temporarily and wear a turtleneck or a polo shirt made of knit material.

Just a small change in the collar part is enough to make you stand out from your everyday look.

What about the outer layer to make a difference? The secret is to choose an unstructured blazer or light jackets made of cotton, twill, or corduroy.

The bottom part can be a pair of jeans, chinos, or dark-colored dress pants that are darker than the color of the jacket for overall harmony. Loafers or boots are the final layer to complete an attractive look for an office party.

Comfortable outfit coordination for parties with friends and family.

Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties, and gatherings with friends, family, or loved ones are often held in a warm, intimate atmosphere and don’t necessarily require a strong impression. But, it’s still a party, right? You don’t need to dress too polished; just add a few highlights to your everyday style, and you’ll have a standout outfit.

Garments with a bit of dust and rebellion, like denim or striped overshirt paired with jeans, are ideal items for any fun occasion with loved ones. Pay attention to harmonious color coordination if you don’t want to look like a walking, colorful gift box.

If it’s cold, you can coordinate by wearing a knit shirt inside and layering with a compact jacket like a suede or bomber jacket for effective warmth.


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