Elevate your wardrobe with streetwear style

Principles of streetwear fashion

Principle 1: Upgrade fabric materials
Streetwear style originated from hip-hop, post-punk, grunge, and skateboarding cultures. Consequently, streetwear outfits used familiar materials like denim, heavy cotton, and unconventional combinations. Modern streetwear has expanded beyond those boundaries, leading to an upgrade in materials, such as luxurious and softer fabrics like cashmere or jersey, adding sophistication to the clothing.

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Principle 2: Don’t follow trends blindly
For today’s youth, trends rule everything. Many chase after popular brands like Supreme, Palace, Gosha, Yeezy, investing heavily in these labels. However, fashion veterans make wiser choices by sticking to what they like and what suits them, avoiding trend-chasing. A stylish outfit isn’t defined by showcasing the latest trends but by expressing personal taste and aesthetics.

Principle 3: Start with your shoes
In street fashion, quality shoes are essential for enhancing your outfit. Sneakers are a staple in streetwear, but the line between luxury and street fashion has blurred. Consider high-quality brogues or shoes from fashion-focused brands to elevate your style. Choose footwear that fits well, complements your outfit, and reflects your personal style.

Principle 4: Keep it simple
Avoid appearing flashy with high-end items from head to toe, as this draws attention to the price tags rather than your fashion sense. Keep things simple; mix and match different items from various brands to showcase your unique style. Remember the common principle: “Less is more.”

Elevating streetwear style

Jogger pants
Jogger pants lead in street fashion, offering comfort while maintaining a stylish look. With a tapered waist and drawstring cuffs, joggers easily pair with hoodies, bomber jackets, or t-shirts for a dynamic and athletic appearance.

Cargo pants streetwear style
Cargo pants are essential in streetwear fashion, known for durability and versatility. Pair them with a sweatshirt, turtleneck, bomber jacket, or oversized hoodie for a trendy streetwear look.

Streetwear outfits often feature hoodies. Choose a well-fitting or slightly oversized hoodie and pair it with skinny or slim-fit jeans. Complete the look with sneakers or boots for a fashionable ensemble.

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Classic sneakers
Classic sneakers like Converse All-Stars, Nike Cortez, Old Skool Vans, or Jordans remain timeless choices in streetwear. Opt for colors that are classic but never outdated, enhancing the versatility of your outfit.

Denim is a familiar material in street fashion. Combining denim with other items like a denim jacket, jeans, a hoodie, or a white t-shirt creates a minimalistic and comfortable streetwear look.

Camo patterns
Camo patterns are timeless in streetwear fashion. Pair camo pants with neutral colors like black, brown, olive, or white to balance the patterns and maintain a cohesive overall look. Incorporate camo jackets with a t-shirt and jeans for a rugged and individualistic appearance.

Track suit
Track suits, once associated with athletes, have become streetwear essentials. Their comfort and dynamic style simplify the process of creating a streetwear look. Throw on a track suit with classic sneakers and hit the streets effortlessly.

Polo shirts with jeans
A common streetwear combination is a polo shirt with jeans. Pair a long-sleeved polo with wide-leg jeans and sneakers for a complete outfit. Add depth by layering with outerwear like denim or bomber jackets, or even a blazer. Accentuate your outfit with accessories like hats or watches.

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