CROCS “HIGH HEELS” ATTRACT EVERY GAZE No one can resist the allure of Siren. Enchanting, seductive, ready for a night of fun. This true high-heeled version brings a feminine touch to the Classic style, combining comfort to keep you steady from dusk till dawn. And of course, Siren offers plenty of space for you to personalize your style.

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The Siren Clog is a break from the compromise between height and comfort. The 9.2 cm high heel design is extremely elegant, allowing the wearer to confidently express their personality. The upper part provides opportunities for personalization through Jibbitz™ accessories while maintaining the comfort that Crocs enthusiasts love. The collection includes Bone, Black, and Hyper Pink versions, offering a variety of colors suitable for everyone, from minimalism to maximalism.

THE RISE OF THE HIGH PLATFORM TREND Following the success of the Crocs high-platform version, Crocs continues to enhance its designs. The boldness of Siren is one example. Additionally, the debut of the newcomer Crush Clog must be mentioned.

If you want a “breath of fresh air” in style, don’t overlook this Crush Clog version. Compared to the Classic version, Crush Clog boasts impressive height and a more daring design. These dynamic new Clogs also offer plenty of personalization space, with Jibbitz™ holes on the upper and strap. Crocs is still here—with the characteristic “beloved by many” comfort, adding a touch of elegance, style, and trendiness.

UNRELENTING EFFORT TO “REFRESH” THE ICONIC IMAGE Parallel to the continuous achievements in design innovation, Crocs remains committed to long-term dedication to comfort.

Crocs constantly improves its core technology with the exclusive Croslite™ material, preserving softness and a snug fit for the feet. All styles prioritize breathability while creating space for personalization with Jibbitz™. Crocs ensures comfort for the wearer in all circumstances and encourages you to express your unique fashion personality.

In the lively and festive atmosphere of the year-end, Crocs brings a new rhythm through the Color Dip combinations—subtle color blending that still creates special accents for holiday outfits.

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In addition, within the new Color Dip collection, Crocs introduces the Mega Crush Color Dip Clog. This time, Mega Crush features an impressive color design and an eye-catching interface. Compared to the Crush line, the Mega version is upgraded with bold grooves, trendy color combinations, providing a distinctive and elevated look for your outfit. And of course, there’s still plenty of space for you to personalize with Jibbitz. Have you fallen for the “new Crush” yet?

The new collections, along with a series of enticing activities from Crocs, consistently prove that there’s always something for everyone. Whether you prefer simple or intricate details, larger-than-life, bold, and confident styles, everything stems from the iconic comfort that Crocs fans know and love.

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About the Crocs brand

Crocs is a leading global company in innovative footwear for all ages. Unique designs and a diverse, vibrant color palette bring comfort and stylish flair to Crocs wearers. Through the brand spirit, Crocs emphasizes the celebration of diversity and supports freedom and openness.

In Vietnam, Crocs is officially distributed and exclusively owned by the General Fashion Trading Co., Ltd. (GTF), a member of Central Retail Vietnam Group.

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