9 Clothing Items That Create Perfect Layering Style for Men

Shirt-style Jacket
This is a hybrid between a shirt and an outer jacket, also known as a shacket. The simplest way to distinguish this item is by its material. Shackets tend to have thicker fabric than Oxford shirts, but still maintain a slim cut.

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A wool shirt-style jacket will keep you warm on windy days when worn alone, yet still snug enough to layer with an outer jacket.

On normal weather days, when paired with a round-neck t-shirt, the shacket transforms into a sun-protective outer jacket. In colder or windier weather, you can layer with 3 pieces like a t-shirt-thin shirt jacket-shacket or a t-shirt-shacket-outer jacket.

Unstructured Blazer
An unstructured blazer is spacious enough for you to wear it with various items, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to dress shirts or vests. Unstructured blazers typically have a looser fit than traditional ones, giving a more casual feel.

Classic colors like navy blue, black, or charcoal gray are always safe choices. However, to maximize the use of a blazer for layering, consider the colors of the accompanying items.

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Wool Cardigan
A cardigan is a perfect item for layering in your Fall-Winter wardrobe. Opt for thin to medium-weight cardigans for flexibility in layering. Merino wool is a good choice as it adjusts to body temperature, providing warmth without overheating. A thin cardigan can be worn over a t-shirt or dress shirt and layered with an outer jacket. With its versatility, a cardigan can be paired with various items, such as a dress shirt and tie or a t-shirt and a crewneck sweater.

Layering with a Hoodie
A hoodie is a staple in every guy’s wardrobe. Pair it with a leather jacket or an overcoat. You can also get creative by wearing it with a suit jacket or blazer. However, keep in mind that a plain or minimalist hoodie is easier to layer than one with large logos or prints.

Turtleneck Sweater
A turtleneck is a must-have item in these late months of the year. It is versatile and can be worn with almost anything. Want to layer with an outer jacket? Try a bomber, denim, or leather jacket. For a more sophisticated look, an overcoat or blazer on top will do the trick.

Flannel Shirt
A flannel shirt brings a rugged, masculine look and is perfect for layering. Pair a flannel shirt with a t-shirt or Henley. You can also add a cool jacket on top.

Denim Jacket
As one of the oldest and most popular men’s fashion items, a Denim Jacket is always an excellent choice in your wardrobe. Similar to a shacket, a denim jacket can serve as a middle layer, adding texture and color to your outfit. Try a light blue denim inside a camel coat; these two colors complement each other, and leave two buttons undone for unrestricted movement.

Athletic Jacket
With the popularity of athleisure style, athletic items are being used more for fashion purposes, including athletic jackets. You can wear them daily, from casual outfits to trendy streetwear. Pair them with a t-shirt or a rugged tank top, or layer them with a hoodie or a turtleneck.

These clothing items provide a variety of options for creating stylish and practical layered looks for men. Mix and match them to suit your personal style and the weather conditions.

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